Strawberry Laser Lipo - Treatment Video - FLA File


A combination Class 3B laser system - incorporating our unrivalled inch-loss treatment, Stretch mark reduction, Eye bag reduction and our clinically proven Smoking Cessation.

Sole Distributor in South Africa

STRAWBERRY from Laser Lipo

Utilizing the amazing development in laser technology, Laser Lipo have created a machine that now not only offers the shortest inch-loss treatment time but now can incorporate additional applications including Stretch mark reduction, Eye bag reduction and Smoking cessation.








Introducing the STRAWBERRY & Cream

All of the treatments are painless, totally non invasive and can be safely carried out by therapists as the machine is a Class 3B cold red laser device.

* INCH LOSS with 4, 6, 8 or 10 laser paddles
* STRETCH MARK reduction up to 80%
* CHIN application to reduce facial jowls, double chins and skin tighten the neck coming soon


Introducing the STRAWBERRY - Inch Loss

This system is the perfect entry level machine. It will enable your
business to offer the most effective and popular Inch Loss treatment
available today.

You can purchase the STRAWBERRY - Inch Loss with just 4 laser
paddles (24 diodes).

The design makes it possible to upgrade according to your business
growth by allowing you to add additional pairs of paddles. Starting with 4 paddles treatment times are 40 minutes.

You can then add additional paddles, until you have a total of 10, reducing treatment times to ONLY 10 minutes.

With 10 paddles you can treat more clients per hour and increase your
business revenue.